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Fiction and Philosophy-Writing that will take you into the depths of the human condition


Writing in Fiction and Philosophy

Writing that attempts to reveal something about our nature, about what it is to be human. As Albert Camus said,

“Fiction is a lie through which we tell the truth.”

This site contains writing, fiction and philosophy, that reveals the dark undercurrents of our hearts, the yearnings and fears that lie concealed, only visible through the cracks. Writing that stems from the heart and forgotten crevices. Fiction and philosophy that attempts to translate into the printed word this primitive non-language whose meaning is forever just beyond our understanding, dangling tantalisingly over the precipice where life and death are fused.

Investigations into the philosophy of mind and religion, discourses on morality–investigations to understand the nature of mind and belief, an attempt to understand what it is to be human. Writing that investigates the faiths and doctrines that drowned out Socratic reason. Ideas that were drawn into the politician’s conspiracy and spread like a contagion with little splinters that fragmented from the whole tossed up like sparks only to whimper and die. Assumptions that were swept up in the racing tsunami of indoctrination and ignorance that lies at the heart of religion where true light never was, nor any foundation based on truth but only those sick things, forever decaying beneath a sky without a memory of morning or hope of night.

“I find nothing, no night properly speaking, nothing but Malloy in the dark and perfect silence, and behind my closed lids the little night and its lights, faint at first, then flaming and extinguished, now ravening, now fed as fire by filth and martyrs.”

Samuel Beckett, “Molloy.”

Short stories

A collection of highly moving British short stories that lead the reader to the very heart of the human condition. Tear jerker stories that showcase characters and stories that will inspire you, surprise you, and make you cry.

Teen & young adult short stories. A touching book about lost love and depression unsettles the reader, delving into the depths of psychological horror, this outstanding literature brutally and acutely depicts urban drama at its most disturbing: love, loss, depression, rape and suicide. Unpredictable, diverse, and sometimes shocking these short love stories will have you returning again and again.

Short love stories that will invoke despair and will make you cry. Romance, love, loss, death. This submergence into the grimy depths of family feuds, into the contemporary relationships that we all experience, are unforgettable.

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