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Good evening to you, Neil.

Perhaps I should provide a definition of evidence from my perspective. I think evidence is anything that influences an individual to believe that a particular assertion is true or false. In the murder scenario, video recording showing the accused committing the murder would be evidence supporting the belief the accused committed the murder. On the other hand, video recording showing the accused somewhere other than the crime scene at the time of the crime would be evidence the accused did not commit the crime. No kidding???

Now, let’s assume the video recording showing the accused committing the crime is presented, the murder weapon was presented but had no fingerprints to tie it to the accused, and the jury convicts due to their certainty beyond a reasonable doubt. Was the murder weapon that was presented evidence? Yes. Was it compelling to those considering it? No. Did it weaken the prosecution case? No.

Is the Cosmological Argument evidence supporting the existence of God? Yes.  Is it compelling? Perhaps to some, to others not so much. If it’s shown to be false does that fact weaken the case for God’s existence? Maybe for some. Not for me. Should one consider it as evidence? Each individual will decide that for oneself.


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