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Neil Brown


If a person’s belief in God is located within the category of proof beyond a shadow of a doubt (for perspicuity lets envision them as 100% certain.) That assuredness is corroborated by three pieces of evidence: a personal encounter with God (60%), scriptural prophecy (30%), and the cosmological argument (10%). Taken together, these substantiations culminate in a 100% certainty in the existence of God. If the cosmological argument were to be conceded as unequivocally refuted, should not the sagacious conclusion be that certitude declines to 90%?

I believe in evolution. One attestation of that belief is the fossil record. If homo sapien remains were discovered and dated to the Precambrian era, approximately 530 million years before the first emergence of mammals, my belief in evolution would be reduced (if not eviscerated.)

So when you say that the cosmological argument is evidence for your belief in God, yet its refutation would not affect your certainty, I find myself perplexed.



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