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And good evening to you, Neil.

I completely understand your position about how the refutation of an argument should increase doubt/decrease confidence. But I refer you back to my last post in which I indicated that one cannot quantify ones belief as you have tried to do. At least I can’t quantify mine. Also, I refer you to the statement I have made several times, for this specific discussion, the Cosmological Argument, it’s refutation might significantly affect others confidence. And like your example of evolution wherein you provided evidence which would reduce your confidence, there are evidences which would affect my confidence such as irrefutable evidence that the body of Jesus had been identified. But hopefully for the last time, refutation of the Cosmological Argument would not reduce my confidence.

Take for example a marine sniper in the Iraq War. As a huge fan of Carlos Hathcock, a single, well-trained marine sniper is deadly. The effects of this single individual against the enemy is compelling indeed. However, if that one sniper had been killed, would that have affected my confidence in the outcome of the war? Not at all. Why? Because while his actions are compelling acting alone, the strength of the army which remains makes that one individual insignificant in the overall case.

I really can’t explain my view any better than this, my friend.


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