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Disfigured Liberty – Short stories

  • Disfigured Liberty

    Six short stories of despair and death. A submergence into the grimy depths of relationships and grief. A literary journey into the hearts and minds of characters that have experienced loss, abuse, and disaster.

    Kate longs to recapture the fumbling excitement of her youth. After finishing her marriage by e-mail she stumbles across a rock star whose legend and hedonistic lifestyle leads her to discover the truth about his death, the message he was trying to communicate–all roads lead to Hornsey Lane bridge.

    After being involved in a terrorist attack, an attack so full of gore and grief that will it change all those who witnessed it, a father and son, haunted by shame and regret, attempt to get passed the experience in entirely different ways.

    In the confines of a psychiatric institution, Rhys attempts to deal with the abuse he has suffered. The hospital is not above shelling out its own abuse however and Rhys finds that after all the medication, after all the counseling, there is a much faster and more appealing way to appease his demons.

    Paul, a schoolboy, is tormented by the wild man next door who drinks and curses at the moon, who watches him, who follows him. Morbidly afraid, Paul refuses a gift that he will regret forever.

    Karl made a mistake, a mistake that he will take to his grave. After experiencing profound loss, a loss that his wife cannot bear, he is compelled to carry on, unable to follow his family, unable to let go of the pain, unable to break his promise or to ease his grief.

    Martin’s life of self promotion, his hunger for fame, and ultimately a drunken night of debauchery, force his wife into the arms of another man. Martin joins Charlotte, his psychotic sister-in-law to prevent this love affair from taking place and to win his wife back.