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Prayer Fails if God is Omniscient

prayer failsPrayer fails, and must fail, if the outcome has already been predetermined. If you had already decided that you would feed your son, the consequence of him refusing to ask for food cannot be “starvation.” To allow him to starve would contradict the meaning of preordain. It is using an incorrect terminology. It would be more appropriate to say that  I want, hope, or encourage him to ask. It is not necessary for him to do so when I have predetermined to feed him anyway.

Prayer fails and necessarily so.

If God is omniscient, if his plan and foresight are infinite and unyielding, then prayer cannot manipulate his divine, inimitable, predetermined course of action. If God is omniscient, prayer must fail.

If prayer accords with God’s preordination then it still cannot be claimed to affect change because it has not. The event would have taken place regardless of any supplication. Prayer fails to affect change. It is again impotent.

You stated that although prayer lacks any causal effect on God’s will, it remains necessary because “God said so.”

We previously agreed that necessary means inevitably resulting so that the contrary is impossible. To say that prayer is necessary because “God said so,” is to corrupt the meaning of the term. It is to say that I have no choice but to pray. To say that prayer is necessary is ultimately confounded by the millions of fulfilled millions who do not pray and even made laughable when compared to even larger number of people who pray on a regular basis yet live in fear, hunger and persecution. To say prayer is necessary is to rob humanity of its free will and therefore of moral obligation and ultimately of original sin.

Despite its sanguine compassion, when prayer is disentangled from its solemnity and benevolence, it is betrayed as the impotent yearnings of humans who desire to affect change yet lack the propensity or inclination to accomplish it themselves.


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